Jackie Jester

A Snowy Prank

It was April Fool’s Day. Jackie Jester looked outside. The sun was shining. He wanted to go outside to play. He cleaned up his toys and went to put his shoes on. “You’d better get your boots, hat, scarf, mittens and winter coat on,” said Father. “It is snowing outside.” “I just looked outside,” said […]

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Arrow and Cutie

Summer Snow

“Oh dear!” cried Cutie. “Arrow, come quick. I see summer snow.” “Are you kidding me?” asked Arrow. “There is no way there could be any snow yet. It is only September.” “I am not kidding,” said Cutie. “I see it. It is all over the ground.” Arrow got up off the kitchen mat that he had been laying […]

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Mrs. Tulip

Mrs. Tulip and Spring Snow

“The sky is blue and the grass is green,” said Mrs. Tulip, walking through the garden on a warm spring day. “I am so happy that spring is finally here.” Mrs. Tulip continued walking. Mrs. Robin flew past her. She was carrying worms in her mouth for her babies. She did manage to shake her […]

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Neon Cop

Neon Cop’s Snowy Capture

It was a very snowy winter day. The Neon Cop had to go to the police station to file some papers. “Rick,” said Neon Cop’s wife, Suzie. “Do you have to go to work today? It is horrible out today.” “Chief Lewis wants these papers today,” said Neon Cop. “I will be back home as […]

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Colour Kid

White Christmas

Colour Kid grew up in Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada and as a young boy, he could always remember having a white Christmas. He remembers Christmas was a special time of year, very magical. However, as he grew up, not every Christmas was white. Some Christmases were green. He was not very fond of the green […]

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Autumn Elf

Autumn Elf Helps Frankton

“Stella,” said Autumn Elf to his younger sister. “We should go visit Frankton. We haven’t seen him in a few weeks.” “Yes,” said Stella. “Let’s go do that.” Frankton is an elderly elf that Stella and Autumn Elf like and respect. Frankton lives by himself so Stella and Autumn Elf stop by frequently to make […]

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