Lots of Snow

It was a snowy winter day. Sammy the Snowplough Driver had just finished plowing the main streets of town and was headed back home. He noticed there was a pickup truck that seemed to be stuck in the parking lot of the gas station. He also noticed the parking lot had not been plowed yet.

“Would you like some help?” asked Sammy the Snowplough Driver, recognizing the driver of the pickup as Hillbilly Bob, whom he knew worked at the gas station.

“Yes please,” said Hillbilly Bob. “The guy who normally plows our parking lot quit on us and we haven’t found a replacement yet. I didn’t think the snow was this deep.”

“There is lots of snow,” said Sammy. The Snowplough Driver.

“Yes,” said Hillbilly Bob. “There sure is.”

Sammy the Snowplough driver helped Hillbilly Bob get his pickup truck unstuck and then he plowed the parking lot.

“Thank you so much,” said Hillbilly Bob. “If you are interested, you could plow our parking lot for us. My boss has quite a few packing lots in town that need plowed too.”

“That would be great,” said Sammy the Snowplough Driver.

Hillbilly Bob gave him the phone number to his boss.

“I will call him first thing in the morning, said Sammy the Snowplough Driver.

“Call him now,” said Hillbilly Bob. “He is a night owl.”

Sammy the Snowplough Driver called and spoke to Hillbilly Bob’s boss. His boss hired him immediately and asked Sammy the Snowplough Driver if he wouldn’t mind starting that night.

“Thank you so much,” said Sammy the Snowplough Driver, once he was finished talking to Hillbilly Bob’s boss. “I really appreciate this.”

“You are welcome,” said Hillbilly Bob. “You helped me out tonight so I helped you.”

“It is very much appreciated,” said Sammy the Snowplough Driver, getting into the snowplough and heading off to do some work.


Moral of this Story:

  • If someone helps you, it is a good idea to help them back.
  • Example: Sammy the Snowplough Driver helped Hillbilly Bob by getting his truck unstuck in the snow so Hillbilly Bob help Sammy the Snowplough Driver by getting him work with his boss.

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