A Windy Winter Day

“Look at that leaf,” said Slushy Snowman, angrily. “It is just blowing around making me angry.”

“Why is it making you angry?” asked Slushy Snowman’s friend, Stacey. “It is just a leaf.”

“That leaf should have been picked up with the rest of the leaves in the fall,” said Slushy Snowman. “It is now winter.”

“It is virtually impossible to pick up every single leaf,” said Stacey. “We do miss some. That leaf is only blowing around because it is very windy today.”

“I don’t like it,” said Slushy Snowman.

“In all honesty,” said Stacey. “You don’t have to like it but you also shouldn’t get yourself so worked about it. Being angry at a leaf is just causing you to heat up and everyone knows what happens to a snowman when they heat up.”

“Why does it have to blow around?” asked Slushy Snowman.

“It isn’t the leaf’s fault,” said Stacey.

“It isn’t?” asked Slushy Snowman.

“No,” said Stacey. “The leaf was just lying on the ground, minding it’s own business. The wind just came along and blew it away. Something tells me there is more to this than you just being angry at a leaf blowing around. Are you jealous of the leaf?”

“That is nonsense,” said Slushy Snowman. “Why would I be jealous of a leaf?”

“Well,” said Stacey. “The leaf has freedom and you are just stuck in the same spot.”

“Maybe I am jealous of the leaf,” said Slushy Snowman, thinking about what Stacey had just said. “There are times I wish I were located closer to the top of that hill.”

“Maybe I can build you there next winter,” said Stacey.

“I would like that,” said Slushy Snowman.

“Okay,” said Stacey. “I will do that.”


Moral of this Story:

  • There is no sense in being angry at something trivial.
  • Example: Stacey explained to Slushy Snowman that his anger at a leaf blowing around is not good for him.

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