Slushy Snowman

An Angry Snowman

Slushy Snowman stood outside the home he was built at in Quebec City, Quebec. He watched as people drove home from work and school. He watched as women entered their houses, turned their kitchen light on and opened their refrigerators, deciding on what to make their families for dinner. He watched as men grabbed the […]

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Frozen Sprinkles

Sprinkles was playing in her bedroom. She happened to look out her bedroom window and she noticed the sun was shining. She decided that she wanted to go outside and play. Sprinkles dressed warm because it was winter and even though the sun was shining, it was pretty cold outside. Despite the cold, Sprinkles thought […]

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Fawn’s Christmas Memories

“Fawn,” said Spot. “Come on. We are going to help Mr. Sampson decorate his Christmas tree.” “Oh yes,” said Fawn, excitedly. “I almost forgot.” Fawn got up from the couch and put his coat and boots on. He was very excited about helping Mr. Sampson. Mr. Sampson was a lonely, elderly man in his late […]

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Christmas Snow

“Billy,” said Dianne Troll. “Come quick. It is snowing outside.” “Really,” said Billy Troll, putting his guitar down. “This I have to see.” It was Christmas Eve and there had been no snow in sight. Billy and Dianne had been hoping it would snow for Christmas. This was going to be their first Christmas in […]

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“Harold!” Mom called from the kitchen window. “Those better not be snowballs in your hands! You know what your father told you.” “Ah Mom!” cried seven year old, Harold. “I wasn’t going to throw them at anyone, I promise!” “Harold!” shouted father, coming outside from the basement door. “What are you doing with those snowballs?” […]

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Snow Island

Ten year old twins, Jimmy and Johnny, were fishing one January afternoon.  Now, to us, here in this cold country, Canada, it might seem a little unusual to be fishing in January, except if we were ice-fishing, but Jimmy and Johnny live in southern California.  It never snows in southern California, or does it? “Hey, […]

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Twenty Below Zero

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mommy, looking at the thermometer. “The temperature is dropping fast. I’d better call Jimmy in. He’s going to freeze to death out there.” Jimmy was outside building a snowman. He was having a lot of fun. However, Jimmy noticed that some frost was beginning to form on the end of his mittens. […]

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Harold the Snowman

It was a very cold, but sunny winter day in the Big Dark Forest. Racum Raccoon and Mad Dog Wolf were playing in the schoolyard. It was recess time. “What do you want to do now?” asked Mad Dog Wolf. “I don’t know,” said Racum. “Why don’t we build a snowman?” “A snowman,” said Mad […]

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Pal the Snowman

“Too bad the weather is so bad,” said Jamie to herself. “I’d sure like to go outside and make a snowman.” Five year old Jamie paced back and forth up the hallway. I’m bored,” said Jamie aloud. “I want something to do.” “Why don’t you draw a picture?” suggested Mom. “Of what?” asked Jamie. “Why […]

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