Christmas Snow

“Billy,” said Dianne Troll. “Come quick. It is snowing outside.”

“Really,” said Billy Troll, putting his guitar down. “This I have to see.”

It was Christmas Eve and there had been no snow in sight. Billy and Dianne had been hoping it would snow for Christmas. This was going to be their first Christmas in British Columbia, Canada and they wanted it to be a special Christmas, especially since the birth of their son, three months ago.

Billy and Dianne took a look out their kitchen window and both smiled from ear to ear as they stood watching the huge snowflakes falling to the ground.

“Go and get Troll Baby,” said Billy, excitedly. “This is definitely Christmas snow.”

“Are you sure?” asked Dianne.

“I’m positive,” said Billy.

Dianne dressed Troll Baby in his snowsuit, boots and mittens. Billy took his son, once he was dressed and waited for Dianne to get ready.

It was actually quite mild outside and it was so beautiful with the snow falling against the backdrop of beautiful mountains.

“This is definitely Christmas snow,” said Dianne as a couple of the huge snowflakes landed on her tongue. Troll Baby stuck his tongue out and giggled when the cold flakes landed on it.

Billy started making a snowball with the snow and before he knew it, he had a snowball big enough for a snowman. Dianne pitched in and soon a huge snowman was standing in their yard.

Billy, Dianne and Troll Baby had lots of fun outside in the snow. Troll Baby was starting to get cold so they all went back inside.

“That was fun,” said Dianne, getting the cold clothes off Troll Baby.

Billy picked up his guitar and started to write a new song.

“Christmas snow so cold, so bright
Christmas snow so pure, so white
Christmas snow, a special delight”

Troll Baby started clapping his little hands to the song.

“I think he likes it,” laughed Dianne.

“Definitely,” Billy laughed too.

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