Silly Snake’s Christmas Dinner

Silly Snake enjoyed Christmas dinner that his mother had cooked for him. Silly Snake’s mother spent all week cooking and cleaning. Silly Snake’s mother even baked cookies and two different pies. She cooked a big turkey, complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots and gravy.

“Eat more,” his mother said after she noticed that his plate was empty.

“Honestly mother,” said Silly Snake. “I can’t eat another bite. This is my third plateful.”

“I’ve seen you eat a lot more than that,” said mother.

“Yes,” said Silly Snake. “However, that was when I was a lot younger.”

“True, ”said mother.

”I was a good eater when I was younger,” said Silly Snake, thinking back to past Christmas holidays. “You know why I eat so much, don’t you?”

“It must be because I am a good cook,” said mother, laughing.

“You are the best cook,” said Silly Snake.

“You mean that,” said mother.

“Absolutely,” said Silly Snake.

“Well then why don’t you just finish up this last piece of pie for me,” said mother, already dishing it out.

“Okay,” said Silly Snake. “However this is all I’m going to eat tonight. I am so full.”

Silly Snake eventually ate the last piece of pie. He was so full that he could not move. All he wanted to do was sleep.

“Come on,” said mother, handing Silly Snake his coat. “We’re going for a walk.”

Silly Snake did not want to move but he knew he would feel better after a good brisk walk.

Silly Snake and his mother walked for a good hour. He did feel so much better after that walk. In fact, he felt so good that he was ready for the tray of chocolate treats his mother set out for him.

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