An Oversized Groundhog

Silly Groundhog woke up on Groundhog Day. He felt sluggish and he could barely move around his den.

“I feel strange,” said Silly Groundhog. “I don’t have time for this, though. I need to get ready to see if I see my shadow or not.”

Silly Groundhog looked in the mirror and he saw what was making him sluggish and he saw why he could barely move around. He had gained a ton of weight over the winter.

“Oh dear,” said Silly Groundhog. “This is not good. How did this happen?”

Silly Groundhog looked around his den. He saw empty potato chip bags, empty chocolate bar wrappers and empty pizza boxes strewn all over the floor of his den.

“I forgot about all that,” said Silly Groundhog. “I am fat now and it is all my fault. I should never

have eaten so much.”

Silly Groundhog started heading outside. He got as far as having his head stuck out of his den before he couldn’t move any further.

“Oh dear!” cried Silly Groundhog. “I am stuck!”

There were several people in the crowd that were waiting for the groundhog to show his head and when they saw he was stuck, they helped him.

“Thank you!” cried Silly Groundhog, once he was free.

Silly Groundhog stood outside of his den and he noticed that he didn’t see his shadow.

“Good,” said Silly Groundhog.” An early spring means I can clean up my den and get rid of all the trash that is in it.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t good to eat junk food all winter.
  • Example: Silly Groundhog ate so much junk food he couldn’t get out of his den.

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