No Early Spring

Silly Groundhog was in his den on a very cold winter day. The wind was howling and it was so cold that Silly Groundhog was shivering. “I can’t believe how cold it is,” said Silly Groundhog. “The wind is just blowing through my den and that wind is far from being warm.” Silly Groundhog thought […] Read More

Groundhog Dance

“It is still winter,” said Silly Groundhog, waking up in the depths of winter. “I feel sick. I am going back to bed.” This had been a rough winter for Silly Groundhog. First, he caught a cold and then he got the flu. He had been sick most of the winter. “I just want winter […] Read More

A Wee Bit Silly

It was a long cold winter. Silly Groundhog was in his den, shivering. “When is winter going to end?” Silly Groundhog asked himself. “I sure hope it will be soon.” Silly Groundhog took a look at his calendar and he realized it was Groundhog Day. “I guess I hold the answer to my question,” laughed […] Read More

Meet Peter Prairie Dog

Welcome to the Meet Peter Prairie Dog page. Peter Prairie Dog is a character I created for a children’s book I wrote, “Silly Groundhog“. Peter Prairie Dog lives in Calgary, Alberta. He feels threatened by groundhogs because groundhogs have “Groundhog Day”. Prairie dogs have nothing. Peter Prairie is very angry with groundhogs because of this. […] Read More

Meet Silly Groundhog

Welcome to the Meet Silly Groundhog page. Silly Groundhog is a character I created for a children’s book I wrote, “Silly Groundhog”. Silly Groundhog lives in Ottawa, Ontario. His job is to predict that coming of spring. Silly Groundhog was almost late for Groundhog Day because other animals were taking up the other holes. Silly […] Read More