A Wee Bit Silly

It was a long cold winter. Silly Groundhog was in his den, shivering.

“When is winter going to end?” Silly Groundhog asked himself. “I sure hope it will be soon.”

Silly Groundhog took a look at his calendar and he realized it was Groundhog Day.

“I guess I hold the answer to my question,” laughed Silly Groundhog. “I do hope I don’t see my shadow. I want an early spring.”

Silly Groundhog brushed his teeth and combed his fur. Then he stuck his head out of his hole.

There was a large crowd of people gathered around his hole despite the cold. There was a quiet hush when the crowd saw Silly Groundhog’s head come out of his hole. There were people that actually held their breath as they waited to see what Silly Groundhog was going to do.

Silly Groundhog poked his head out of his hole further. He looked around. He noticed he didn’t see his shadow. The crowd noticed too and they started to cheer. Silly Groundhog was so happy. The more the crowd cheered, the happier he was.

Silly Groundhog started to run around and shake his head back and forth. He kept doing this and the crowd started to laugh.

“I think he is just a wee bit silly,” said one person in the crowd, laughing and pointing at Silly Groundhog.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to be a wee bit silly at times.
  • Example: Silly Groundhog was so happy he didn’t see his shadow that he started acting a wee bit silly.

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