Challenging Winter Day

“It is a beautiful winter day,” said Mr. Winter. “Would you like to go skiing?”

“You know I can’t ski,” said Victoria. “I thought we were going to go skating. We talked about this yesterday.”

“But I made it super warm today just for you,” said Mr. Winter.

“You know that making it too warm can cause problems on the slopes and for that matter it can cause problems on the skating rink,” said Victoria.

“I was just trying to please you,” said Mr. Winter.

“Sometimes having a boyfriend that controls winter weather can be a challenge,” said Victoria.

“Sometimes having a girlfriend can be a challenge,” said Mr. Winter angrily.

Mr. Winter stormed off. He went over to the thermostat that controls winter and he turned it down, way down.

“Let’s see how long it takes for her to apologize to me,” said Mr. Winter.

Mr. Winter waited and waited but Victoria didn’t show up. He waited some more and this time while he waited he did some thinking. He realized that he was in the wrong because Victoria did mention that she wanted to go skating.

Mr. Winter grabbed his pair of skates after he adjusted the thermostat for perfect skating weather. He went to see Victoria.

“This was all my fault,” said Mr. Winter. “And, I apologize. Please come skating with me. I adjusted the thermostat for perfect skating weather.”

“Okay,” said Victoria, grabbing her pair of skates.

Mr. Winter was so happy that Victoria went skating with him.


Moral of this Story:

  • You should always be respectful when someone tells you something.
  • Example: Victoria told Mr. Winter that she wanted to go skating but he didn’t listen to her.

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