It was Groundhog Day. There was a large crowd of people gathered waiting for the groundhog to come out of his hole to predict whether there will be an early spring or not.

In another hole in the ground, not far from the groundhog hole, lived Peter Prairie Dog. Peter was in his hole listening to the crowd of people.

“Come on out groundhog,” they chanted. “We want an early spring. Please don’t see your shadow.”

Peter waited. Soon he heard the crowd cheering.

“The groundhog must have come out of his hole,” said Peter. “Now let’s see if he sees his shadow.”

Peter waited some more. He heard the crowd yelling at the groundhog. They were very angry.

“You saw your shadow!” they screamed. “How could you?”

Peter knew the crowd was upset so he decided he would come out of his hole and see if he doesn’t see his shadow.

“Look,” pointed the crowd. “It’s a prairie dog and he didn’t see his shadow. I think we should go with his prediction.”

Peter Prairie Dog was so happy. He was the center of attention and the groundhog wasn’t. He was thrilled.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t always rely on a groundhog.
  • Example: Peter Prairie Dog waited to see if the groundhog would see his shadow to predict whether spring would be early or not. When the groundhog saw his shadow, Peter took it upon himself to offer his prediction.

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