A Sunflower’s Autumn Night

“Come to bed,” said Sunflower Suzie’s husband, George. “It is past midnight.”

“I am not tired,” said Sunflower Suzie.

“You have been like this for a couple weeks now,” said George, who was very concerned. “I think I need to take you to the doctor tomorrow.”

“Okay,” said Sunflower Suzie.

Sunflower Suzie went into the kitchen and she cleaned it from top to bottom. Then she cleaned the living room too.

“For someone who can’t sleep you sure got a lot done,” said George.

“I am restless as well,” said Sunflower Suzie.

George and Sunflower Suzie went to see the doctor. Sunflower Suzie had not been to see the doctor in two years, since she woke up one morning and saw she had been turned into a sunflower.

“George,” said Dr. Kramer. “It is nice to see you. What can I help you with?”

“Well,” said George. “This is a bit hard to explain but my wife, Sunflower Suzie was turned into a sunflower two years ago. We don’t know how or why. We have adjusted and we are used to it now. However, the past couple of weeks, she has not been sleeping and she is very restless.”

Dr. Kramer turned to Sunflower Suzie and he almost burst out laughing when he saw her but he caught himself before anyone noticed.

“Sunflower Suzie,” said Dr. Kramer. “I think you need to see a horticulturist, not a doctor.”

Dr. Kramer burst out laughing after that. He couldn’t help himself.

“I’m sorry,” said Dr. Kramer, once he regained his composure. That was unprofessional. However, I don’t see how I can help. I’m not a plant doctor.”

“Sunflower Suzie is still a human,” said George. “She has a heart and lungs and all the other vital organs that humans have.”

“I see,” said Dr. Kramer. “Okay, I guess I will see what is going on with her.”

Dr. Kramer took Sunflower Suzie’s blood pressure. He also checked her heart-rate.

“Everything seems fine,” said Dr. Kramer. “And when did these symptoms develop?”

“A couple of weeks ago,” said George.

“So around the fist of autumn,” said Dr. Kramer, checking the calendar.

“Yes,” said George. “That is correct.”

“It could possibly be that she is getting herself into the harvesting mode,” said Dr. Kramer.

“Now that makes perfect sense,” said George.

“Don’t be alarmed if she loses her leaves and her seeds,” said Dr. Kramer.

“They will grow back in the spring.”

“Thank you,” said George and Sunflower Suzie.

George and Sunflower Suzie were relieved and they appreciated Dr. Kramer’s advice.

“Maybe I could be a horticulturist after all,” said Dr. Kramer.

“Quite possibly,” laughed George and Sunflower Suzie.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is never nice for a professional to tease someone.
  • Example: Dr. Kramer laughed when he saw Sunflower Suzie for the first time.

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