A Judgement Error

Mr. Winter walked past Victoria’s house. He happened to see that she was talking to another man.

“What is going on?” Mr. Winter asked himself in disbelief. “Is the love of my life deserting me for someone else?”

The more Mr. Winter thought about what he had just seen, the angrier he got.

“I will fix her,” said Mr. Winter storming off down the road.

Mr. Winter walked over to the thermostat that he was in charge of. Without another thought, he turned the thermostat down as far as it would go. Within minutes, Mr. Winter smiled and laughed when he saw people complaining.

“What got into Mr. Winter’s porridge this morning?” Mr. Winter heard an elderly woman complain. “It started out to be a nice winter day, but not now!”

It wasn’t long before Victoria found him.

“What is the meaning of this sudden change in the weather?” asked Victoria, shivering.

Mr. Winter refused to speak to her.

“It wouldn’t have anything to do with me talking with my brother earlier,” said Victoria. “I saw you watching me.”

“Your brother?” asked Mr. Winter, suddenly feeling like he made a huge error in judgement.

Victoria stormed off. Mr. Winter knew there was only one way to fix this. He went back to the thermostat and turned it way up. Then he invited Victoria and her brother to dinner.

“You know,” said Victoria, loving the warm weather. “I should still be angry with you, but I’m not. My brother and I both accept your dinner invitation.”

Mr. Winter was so relieved that he was able to fix things with Victoria and her brother.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t jump to conclusions.
  • Example: Mr. Winter saw Victoria talking to a man and he jumped to the conclusion that she was cheating on him. It turned out the man was her brother.

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