Grampy’s Little Green Car in the Summer

“Oh my!” exclaimed Grampy, looking out of the window of his little cottage. “The sun is shining so bright! It must be summer!”

Grampy loved summer weather very much. Grampy loved the bright sunshine. Grampy loved the heat but more than anything at all, Grampy loved his little green car.

“I must get out my little green car and go for a drive!” exclaimed Grampy.

Grampy went into the garage and there, sitting right in front of him was his pride and joy, his little green car. Grampy smiled from ear to ear at just the sight of it. He had spent the last few rainy days washing it and shining it with a bright new coat of wax. Grampy had been waiting for the sun to shine.

Grampy got behind the wheel of his little green car. He turned the key and the engine roared to life. Oh how he loved his little green car. Grampy drove down the open highway, smiling from ear to ear. He had his country and western music turned up as loud as he could. Grampy loved driving in his little green car.

An idea came to Grampy while he was driving on the open highway. He decided right then and there that he was just going to keep on driving all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Grampy had enough money in his wallet for gas and he always wanted to see the mountains and besides, Grampy just wanted to drive his little green car.

Well, four, no almost five days later, Grampy stuck his little toe in the Pacific Ocean. He was happy that he drove his little green car all the way to the west coast. He got in his little green car and four, no almost five days later, Grampy parked his little green car in his little garage of his little cottage.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always fun to go for a drive.
  • Example:Grampy loved taking his little green car for a drive.

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