Poor Mountain Family’s Eagle Website

“What are we going to do today?” asked Poor Mountain Father as the rest of his family sat around the breakfast table.

“I think I’m going to catch up on my email,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“I guess I’ll do my homework,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“And I guess I’d better do my homework too,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“Well that leaves something to do for everyone but me,” said Poor Mountain Father.

Poor Mountain Mother took her cup of coffee over to the computer. About ten minutes after she turned it on, she called Poor Mountain Father over to see something.

“Look at this,” said Poor Mountain Mother, pointing to the computer screen.

Both Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister peeked their heads from above their school books.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Father. “Isn’t technology wonderful!”

“It sure is,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

Poor Mountain Mother came across a website that was capturing live feed of a pair of bald eagles hatching their egg in a huge nest. The nest was located in Hornsby Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother tried to hurry with their homework so they could watch it too. The Poor Mountain Family was hooked. Every chance they got they were checking in on the website to see if they baby had hatched. They talked about it all over their town. The Poor Mountain children learned all about it at school. They were all intrigued and each could not wait until evening to come home and watch the video clips. They especially love the weekends because then they knew they could spend all day peered to the computer.

“Gee,” said Poor Mountain Father at the end of the week. “That sure was cheap entertainment. I’ve even got money left in my wallet this week.”

“How about you rushing into town and getting us a treat for our eagle viewing while I cook supper?” asked Poor Mountain Mother.

“Good idea,” said Poor Mountain Father.

Usually the Poor Mountain children went with Poor Mountain Father into town to get the treats but they wanted to stay home to get their homework done quickly so they would not miss anything.

The Poor Mountain Family learned a lot about the behavior of their favorite bird through the website. They learned that the father eagle takes turns sitting on the egg with the mother eagle. They learned that there was two eggs up until Sunday, April 30 but that one egg disappeared. They eagerly sat and waited while waiting for the other egg to hatch.

Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Father informed the children not to get upset if the second egg doesn’t hatch.

“Why won’t it hatch?” asked Poor Mountain Brother.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “The eagles are 17 years old. That is old for eagles.”

Even though the eagle eggs didn’t hatch, the Poor Mountain Family were glad they got the opportunity to see the bald eagles close-up. They learned a lot about the behaviour of these majestic birds. It was very educational for the Poor Mountain children.


Moral of this Story:

  • Watching wildlife in their natural habitat is very educational.
  • Example: The Poor Mountain Family watched a pair of bald eagles try to hatch their eggs on a website featuring them via a live cam.
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