Poor Mountain Family’s Christmas Secret

Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother were in the kitchen making some home-made Christmas decorations. They were laughing and full of joy. “Your children are so happy,” said Grandmother, who was visiting for Christmas. “Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “They certainly are.” “Last Christmas I spent with Aunt Pattie, Uncle Stan and the kids,” […] Read More

Strawberry Jam

“What smells so good?” asked Poor Mountain Mother. “I am making strawberry jam,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It smells heavenly in here,” said Poor Mountain Father. Poor Mountain Mother took a piece of bread and spread a generous helping of homemade strawberry jam on it. She handed it to Poor Mountain Father. “This looks so […] Read More

Beatrice Bee Interrupts a Picnic

“I think today would be a perfect day to have a picnic,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It is warm outside and the sun is shining.” “I agree,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It has been awhile since we have done anything together. We have all been pretty busy with our own schedules.” “This has been a […] Read More

Strawberry Ice Cream

“It sure is hot today,” said Poor Mountain Mother, who was cleaning the kitchen floor. “This has been a very hot summer.” “It certainly has,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It isn’t going to cool down any time soon.” Poor Mountain Mother put away the mop and bucket and Poor Mountain Father saw her wipe the […] Read More

Summer Thunder

Poor Mountain Father was working in the barn on a very hot summer day. All of a sudden he felt a cool breeze.   “That breeze felt so good,” said Poor Mountain Father, who was dripping in sweat. “This summer has been the hottest summer in a long time.”   Poor Mountain Father stopped what […] Read More

Magical Fireflies

“Have you seen Poor Mountain Sister?” asked  Poor Mountain Father. “No I haven’t,” said Poor Mountain Mother.” I thought she was with you.” “She was earlier,” said Poor Mountain Father.  “She said she was cold so she was going to  go put on a hoodie.” “I don’t remember seeing her come into the  house,” said Poor […] Read More

Sharing Apples

Sharing Apples … “Let’s go pick some apples today,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Yes,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “That sounds like fun.” Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Sister grabbed some baskets and headed down the road and across the field to the apple tree. “It sure is a nice summer day,” said Poor Mountain […] Read More

Poor Mountain Family Go Fishing On Father’s Day

“What are we going to do next weekend?” asked Poor Mountain Father. “I thought we would go on a picnic,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It is Father’s Day next weekend,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I was kind of hoping that we could go fishing.” “The children are really looking forward to having a picnic,” said […] Read More