Poor Mountain Family Go Fishing On Father’s Day

“What are we going to do next weekend?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“I thought we would go on a picnic,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“It is Father’s Day next weekend,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I was kind of hoping that we could go fishing.”

“The children are really looking forward to having a picnic,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Poor Mountain Sister is going to help me make potato salad and we are going to make some fried chicken too.”

“Oh okay,” said Poor Mountain Father, a bit disappointed that he didn’t get to choose what he wanted to do on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day morning came and Poor Mountain Father kept busy outdoors until it was time to leave for the picnic.

“He is really disappointed,” said Poor Mountain Sister, helping Poor Mountain Mother in the kitchen.

“I know,” said Poor Mountain Brother, getting ready to start loading Poor Mountain Father’s fishing gear into the truck.

“He is going to be so surprised,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

The Poor Mountain Family were about to drive toward their favourite picnic site.

“The lake you want is that way,” pointed Poor Mountain Mother.

“What are you talking about?” asked Poor Mountain Father. “The picnic site is that way.”

“Happy Father’s Day!” everyone in the truck said loudly.

“What is going on here?” asked Poor Mountain Father, confused.

“We aren’t going on a picnic,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “We are going fishing.”

“But what about all my fishing gear?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“Poor Mountain Brother took care of all that,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “You don’t think we would make you do something you didn’t want to do on Father’s Day, now do you?”

“I did for a bit,” said Poor Mountain Father, so proud of his family for the surprise they gave him. “Let’s go fishing!”

The Poor Mountain Family had an awesome time fishing. Poor Mountain Father was able to catch a fairly large fish and they brought it home for dinner that night.

“Thank you,” said Poor Mountain Father to his family when they got home that night. “That was the best Father’s Day ever!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes the simple things are the best things.
  • Example: The Poor Mountain Family took Father fishing for Father’s Day.

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