The Glowing Butcher Knife on Father’s Day

Bobby the Butcher was alone in the butcher shop on Father’s Day. He no longer had a father or grandfather so he had no reason to celebrate Father’s Day. He glanced over at the meat counter and he saw the old butcher knife sitting there. This knife wasn’t just any knife. It was a knife that had been passed down from generation to generation.

This particular butcher knife was purchased by Bobby’s grandfather from a traveling salesman. The salesman had told Grandfather that the knife was a very special knife. The knife glowed when it was in the right hands. The knife knew when business was profitable.

In the history of the knife within Bobby’s family, there was only one person that the knife didn’t glow. That one person was Bobby’s Aunt Jessica. Aunt Jessica took over the butcher shop after Bobby’s father passed away. The knife stopped glowing that very day she took it over until she handed the knife and the butcher shop over to her nephew, Bobby.

Aunt Jessica lost a lot of money and the butcher shop was going downhill. She knew she had to give it up. Once Bobby took over, the knife glowed again and the butcher shop prospered once again.

It wasn’t the fact that Aunt Jessica didn’t know what she was doing. It was the fact that she dabbled in witchcraft. Her witchcraft cost the family dearly. Both her father and her brother lost their lives because of it. Aunt Jessica was influenced by her friend, Desmond, a warlock, who is now her husband. She is the black-sheep of the family. Everyone has told Aunt Jessica just how dangerous witchcraft and her husband are but she will not listen.

Bobby went over to the knife and picked it up from the counter. The knife glowed brightly in his hands. He felt strength and power when he held the knife, more so today than any other day.

“Happy Father’s Day, Dad and Grandpa,” said Bobby, feeling their presence as he held the knife. “I miss you two terribly.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Dabbling in the supernatural can cause lots of issues.
  • Example: Aunt Jessica lost a lot because she dabbled in witchcraft.
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