Chester Chipmunk Visits Father on Father’s Day

“I think we should visit Mother and Father this weekend,” said Chester Chipmunk.

“Father’s Day is this weekend,” said Suzie, Chester’s sister.

“Then,” said Chester. “Let’s go.”

“I think it will be a nice surprise,” said Suzie.

“Pack your bathing suit,” said Chester. “Florida is hot this time of the year.”

Suzie went home and packed her suitcase. Chester did the same. He met Suzie at the airport.

“This is going to be such a surprise for Father,” said Suzie as they boarded the plane.

“It will be nice to see them,” said Chester. ‘ ‘I hope Mother’s health has improved since she moved there.”

“Daddy said she is doing much better,” said Suzie.

“When did you talk to Dad?” asked Chester. “I hope you didn’t tell them that we are coming.”

“I talked to him last night,” said Suzie. “So, no, I didn’t tell him.”

“Okay good,” said Chester.

Chester and Suzie enjoyed their flight. It was a beautiful sunny day when they landed in Florida.

“I can’t believe how hot it is here,” said Suzie when her and Chester stepped out into the sidewalk in front of the airport. “I do hope Mother and Father have a swimming pool.”

“I do too,” said Chester, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

Chester and Suzie were just going to get into a cab when Suzie pointed to a an older chipmunk couple walking toward the airport entrance.

“Mother! Father!” shouted Suzie. “What are you doing here?”

“What are you two doing here?” asked Mother, hugging her two children. “We were going to fly up to Canada to see the two of you.”

“We flew here to surprise you and Dad,” said Suzie. ‘ ‘We wanted to see Dad on Father’s Day.”

“Well,” said Father. “This is the best Father’s Day gift ever.”

Father went and refunded his tickets.

“Mother,” said Chester. “It looks like Florida has agreed with you. You look great.”

“My health has improved a lot,” said Mother.

“How about I take my two children out for lunch?” asked Father.

“That would be great,” said Chester. “I am starving. Those airplane acorns are horrible.”

“Yes,” said Father. “They are.”

Father took his family out for lunch. The two chipmunk children enjoyed a fresh feast of roasted acorns.

After lunch, Father drove them to their house. Father and Mother had a big swimming pool in their backyard. Chester and Suzie spent most of their time swimming.

On Father’s Day, the chipmunks went on a nice picnic together.

“This is nice,” commented Father. “This is the perfect way to spend Father’s Day.”

“Happy Father’s Day Dad,” said Suzie and Chester, hugging their dad.

“Thank you two for coming,” said Mother, with tears in her eyes. “This was a really nice surprise.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to surprise our loved ones but sometimes they also may surprise us.
  • Example: Chester Chipmunk and his sister, Suzie, flew to Florida as a surprise for Father for Father’s Day. However, as they were getting into a cab, they saw their parents at the airport heading on a trip to see them.
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