Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 6 – The Visitor

Dear Diary:

Today I had a visitor to my home. I was very anxious when I heard the doorbell ring. Nobody ever visited me. I didn’t know what to do.

The doorbell rang several times before I answered the door. My eyes burned a little when the sun hit them. A young man stood at the door, nervously. I asked him what he wanted but when he looked at my face, he became scared and he ran off down the street.

I have no idea what the young man wanted. It could have been that he was at the wrong house. It could have been that he just wanted to find out if there really was a monster living in this house.

Whatever the reason, the visit left me shaken up a little. I don’t like the fact that the young man did not explain to me the reason for the visit. I don’t like the fact that the young man may just have been curious to find out if I really was a monster. If that was the case, then the young man found out what he wanted to know.

I decided that I needed to get a security system installed. I was very distraught and I couldn’t let this happen again. I was so afraid that the young man would tell others what he saw and I was very terrified that other people would want to get a glimpse of the real live monster that lived in their city.

I called the security company and they informed me that it would be a week before they could have the security system installed. That means for one whole week, I will be living in fear of the doorbell.

I thought about that and I came up with a solution that I thought would work. If the doorbell did ring in the next week, I just wouldn’t answer it.


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