Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 7 – Security

Dear Diary,

I finally got my security system installed. The security company was actually very accommodating to my needs. I told them that under no circumstances would the installers be able to bother me.

I stayed in my study for the three hours that the installers were working. I overheard them laughing and joking about the fact a real live monster was supposed to live in this house but both men seem to think that was just a rumour. I was just relieved to hear that they didn’t think I was a monster. That did ease my mind.

I did have a rough week of fear and anxiety while waiting for the security company to show up. I found that I was more attuned to the normal noises of the house. When I heard the floors creaking and the furnace fan kick in, I jumped out of my skin.

I realized during that week that I was not ready to be out in the real world at all. I did realize that would have been more my fault because for 160 years I had been able to stay to myself. I had not talked to another human being.

I was relieved to hear the installers call out that the security system was completed and that they were leaving. I heard them packing up their equipment and I heard their truck pull out of the driveway. I stayed in my study for an hour after that just to make sure they were gone.

When I did leave my study, I looked over the security system and read the instructions on how to use it. I turned the closed circuit television monitor on and I was happy to see the different angles of the cameras that were installed. I could see my front porch, the front walkway, the driveway and even my back door.

I felt very secure knowing that I could now see the outside of the house without having to worry about anyone seeing me.


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