The Story of Beatrice Bee

“Beatrice!” yelled Berta Bee, Beatrice Bee’s best friend. “Here comes Queen Bee. We better get this pollen back to the hive or else we are going to be in trouble.”

“I’m not afraid of Queen Bee,” said Beatrice, flying around Berta’s head in circles.

“Beatrice please stop flying around my head,” scolded Berta.

“You are in a bad mood today,” said Beatrice. “What is wrong with you?”

“It is 35 degrees Celsius out here,” said Berta. “I am hot and cranky and I don’t need Queen Bee giving me another lecture about how I am not doing my job.”

“I don’t know why all you worker bees are so afraid of Queen Bee,” said Beatrice.” What is she going to do?”

“She could fire us,” said Berta.

“That is so absurd,” said Beatrice. “She can’t fire us. She needs us.”

“She needs us to work,” said Berta.

“Fine,” said Beatrice, flying away.

Queen Bee flew up to Berta. She saw that Berta’s legs were full of pollen.

“Good work,” said Queen Bee. “I can see that this heat is getting to you. It is such a hot summer day today. Just go drop off that pollen and you can spend the rest of the afternoon in the hive where it is much cooler. I have sent some of the other workers in there to clean up the hive. You can see if they need any help.”

“Thank you,” said Berta. “That is very much appreciated.”

“You are a good worker,” said Queen Bee. “Now, was that Beatrice I just saw flying away?”

“Yes it was,” said Berta.

“Such a foolish bee she is,” said Queen Bee. “I don’t know what to do with her. She does nothing but pester all you worker bees. Our pollen production is declining because of her foolishness. I’ve got a good mind to fire her.”

“Beatrice doesn’t think you can fire her,” said Berta.

“Well Beatrice is mistaken,” said Queen Bee.

“Oh dear,” said Berta.

“That is none of your concern,” said Queen Bee. “I will give her one last chance. Now, you run along back to the hive and get yourself cooled down.”

Berta did as she was told. She flew back to the hive, dropped off the pollen that she had gathered and then helped the other workers clean up. About an hour later, Berta noticed Beatrice flying into the hive. She also noticed Beatrice did not have any pollen.

Berta flew over to where Beatrice was.

“Where is your pollen?” asked Berta.

“I didn’t have any,” said Beatrice. “It is much too hot out there.”

“I had a talk with Queen Bee this afternoon,” said Berta. “She is thinking of firing you.”

“I don’t care if she does,” said Beatrice.

“What will you do if she fires you?” asked Berta.

“It wouldn’t bother me,” said Beatrice. “If she fired me, I would then be free to do whatever I want.”

“Just be careful,” said Berta. “Queen Bee is giving you one more chance.”

“Well that is very kind of her,” said Beatrice.

Queen Bee flew up behind Beatrice.

“Where is your pollen?” asked Queen Bee.

“I don’t have any,” said Beatrice. “It is very hot here today.”

“That is funny,” said Queer Bee. “Every single worker bee in this hive brought in their share of pollen today, despite the heat. Beatrice, I have no other option but to fire you.”

“That is okay,” said Beatrice. “Now I can just do whatever I want to do.”

“You will have to do it elsewhere,” said Queen Bee. “I am also banishing you from the hive.”

Beatrice did not say a word. She flew past Queen Bee and Berta. She flew out of the hive and just kept flying. She didn’t have a single thought in her head. She was free to do as she pleased and she was going to do just that.

Beatrice flew around for a few hours and that is when she spotted something up ahead.

“Storyland,” thought Beatrice. “Now that looks like a fun place for me to be.”

Beatrice flew down and landed onto a street inside Storyland. She saw so many characters walking around the streets. She saw that each of the characters had tons of adventures to share.

“I think I have found my new home,” said Beatrice. “Storyland, here I come.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes you need a brand new start.
  • Example: Beatrice Bee was fired from Queen Bee and banished from the hive. She decided to make Storyland her new home.

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