Environment Bug – Character Insight

I created the Environment Bug character in 2002. I created him to help show awareness to the damage we have done to our planet through littering. We need to pull together and do our part to help clean up the mess we have created.

Environment Bugs talks to different characters in Storyland when he catches them littering. He explains why littering is wrong and hopefully that character will become aware of their actions and clean up their mess. He also hopes these characters will see what they have done wrong and will spread the word to others.

I feel Environment Bug is important to Storyland because he will hopefully give parents, caregivers and educators an avenue to open communication to children about the state of the environment, how fragile it is and how we need to be proactive in doing our part in keeping our environment safe and clean.

My goals for Environment Bug is that he raises awareness about the state of our environment and that he opens lines of communication for us to help with cleaning up our environment and keep it clean for generations to come.

Character Pit

Environment Bug
Environment Bug
Tiki Bug
Tiki Bug

1. Which character has a jealous tendency?
– Tiki Bug may have a bit of a jealous tendency towards Environment Bug because Environment Bug does seem to have a more important role in Storyland.

2. Which character have I written about the most?
– I have written about Environment Bug the most because he is an older character on Storyland.

3, Which character feels like they are treated fairly?
– With the exception of the jealous tendency Tiki Bug has toward Environment Bug, I do think both of these characters are treated fairly on Storyland.

4. Do these two characters like each other?
– These two characters would like each other if there was no jealousy involved. I don’t think Tiki Bug could ever get over the jealousy she has towards Environment Bug.

5. Which character is closer to my heart?
– I do like how Environment Bug looks over Tiki Bug so I do like him more.

6. How are these characters similar to one another?
– These two characters are similar to one another because they are both bugs.

7. How are these characters different from one another? 
– The difference between these characters is that Environment Bug does have a bigger role in Storyland. He does deal with more characters than Tiki Bug does as well.

8. How do these two characters feel about being Canadian?
-Both of these two characters love the fact they are Canadian and they are both very proud of that fact too.

9. How important is family to these two characters?
– I think Tiki Bug would know how important family is because she works with one character only so, she would see more of the family structure than Environment Bug would.

10. Will I be writing future stories about these two characters?
– Absolutely!

To sum up the character pit between Environment Bug and Tiki Bug is that both of these characters do bring very important aspects to Storyland that need to be explored further.

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