A Tree of Trash

It was Earth Day and A. Tree had a big basket of red juicy apples he had just picked for himself. He was getting ready to walk into town to distribute them to whoever he felt needed them. However, he found he couldn’t move.

“What is going on?” asked A. Tree.” I can’t move my feet.”

A. Tree looked down at his feet. They were buried in a foot of trash.

“Oh dear!” cried A. Tree. “What is going on? Where did all the trash come from?”

A. Tree tried to move his feet but he couldn’t move them. He tried to kick the trash away with his toes but he couldn’t. The trash was too deep. A. Tree screamed as loud as he could. Someone had to hear him. He didn’t want to be stuck in the pile of trash.

“Why isn’t anyone hearing me?” asked A. Tree, after about an hour of screaming. “I don’t want to be here in this pile of trash.”

A. Tree took a deep breath and screamed once more, as loud as he possibly could. Lucky for him, Environment Bug heard him.

“What is going on?” asked Environment Bug, flying around A. Tree’s head. “I heard you screaming.”

“I am buried in about a foot of trash,” explained A. Tree.

Environment Bug landed on one of A. Tree’s branches and looked down at the ground.

“Oh dear,” said Environment Bug. “I just saw a new landfill site just over the hill. I bet the trash blew in from over there and landed here on you.”

“Yes,” said A. Tree. “That makes sense. It was very windy out this morning.”

“I am going to get help,” said Environment Bug.

Environment Bug ew over to where the landfill site was. He spoke to the manager, George.

“Are you sure the trash came from here?” asked George.

“I don’t see where else it would have come from,” said Environment Bug.

“Give us time to investigate and if it is our responsibility we will clean up the trash,” said George.

“That is unacceptable,” said Environment Bug. “My friend meanwhile, has to keep standing in a foot of trash while your company just takes its time to investigate.”

“George!” shouted Harry, one of the workers. “Sorry to interrupt but the fence on the north end of the site fell down. That is the one that wasn’t secured properly. I guess the wind knocked it down.”

“The north end is exactly where A. Tree is,” said Environment Bug.

“Should I send a crew to repair the fence,” said Harry.

“No,” said George. “Send the crew to help Environment Bug’s friend first. Then we will deal with the fence.”

George apologized to Environment Bug and they went to make sure that A. Tree was okay. The crew had all the trash cleaned up within an hour. A. Tree was so relieved to be out of the pile of trash. He handed red juicy apples to all the crew, which they were very grateful for because they were so thirsty after all their hard work.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always help others first and then investigate the issue later.
  • Example: George wanted to investigate the issue of A. Tree being trapped under a foot of trash before helping him out of it.

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