Invasion of the Crows

Hi everyone! This is Travelin’ Rick. Have I got an adventure for you!

Okay, I’ve travelled to a lot of different places and I have seen a lot of different things. However, I was quite unprepared for the invasion of crows that I saw.

I was visiting Valemount, BC on the Easter long weekend in April 2007, when I noticed blackness in the air. I was surprised and shocked at what I saw. I saw about twenty crows just sitting there at a motel nearby. It was quite a sight to see and believe it or not, I was kind of freaked out by it.

I have seen crows of all kinds, big ones, small ones and even fat ones. I’ve seen them in trees, on hydro wires, on fence posts, on railway tracks but never have I seen so many of them at once. I was thinking that it was a bad omen, that bad luck was going to strike, until I realized, a little embarrassedly, I might add, that it was mating season for the crows.

The whole ordeal started with about twenty crows but ended up with only two, a male and a female. What I saw next was actually quite amazing. I saw one male crow, who was very big and whose feathers seemed to be plumped out more than the rest, do a little dance. He would shake his head back and forth and then make a loud cawing sound and then do it again, to the delight of the female crow that I saw that had his attention. I saw the male crow go right up to the female crow and give her a peck on her beak, affectionately.

It was a pretty funny sight to see and it was quite hilarious. I don’t know how that female crow found that male crow so attractive because I thought he looked ridiculous with his fluffed out feathers. I didn’t stick around much after that crow kiss because I figured that the crows needed their privacy.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t jump to conclusions.
  • Example: Travelin’ Rick thought the crows were a bad omen but he found out instead that it was mating season.
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