Ugly Sally and the Urge to Dance

“It is a warm day today,” said Ugly Sally to herself. “I think I will go to the park.” It was nice and peaceful at the park. There was nobody there. Ugly Sally saw her favourite park bench. It was right beside a tall oak tree. Ugly Sally sat on the bench. She was enjoying […] Read More

Lil’ Rebel and the Valentine’s Day Dance

“Lil’ Rebel,” said Father, about a week before Valentine’s Day. “Your mother and I have decided on your punishment for lying to us about going to the library last night.” “Oh,” said Lil’ Rebel, not impressed. “We have decided that you are grounded for a week,” said Father. “Fine,” said Lil’ Rebel, stomping out of […] Read More

Ugly Sally Goes to the Halloween Dance

“But Julia,” said Ugly Sally to her best friend, Julia. “I don’t want to go to the Halloween dance. You know everyone will make fun of me.” “Nobody will make fun of you,” said Julia. “Just look at me,” said Ugly Sally, looking at herself in the mirror. “My face is full of pimples. My […] Read More

Scrunchie at the Halloween Dance

“Are you ready?” asked Scrunchie’s 87 year old Aunt Mabel. “Ready for what?” asked Scrunchie, confused. “The Halloween dance,” said Aunt Mabel. “I told you I’m not going,” said Scrunchie. “Oh yes you are,” said Aunt Mabel. “Besides, if you don ‘t go with me, who will look after me?” Scrunchie knew he could not […] Read More

Autumn Elf Does an Autumn Dance

“Stella!” yelled Autumn Elf, one cool autumn morning. “Hurry up! By the time you are ready to go, it will be winter.” “Alright,” said Stella. “You do know that we have lots of time to get to the mall. It doesn’t open for a few more hours.” “I want to get there early,” said Autumn […] Read More

Roasted Cauliflower

It was an extremely hot summer day. The Fresh Veggie family were in the barn practicing. “Cameron,” said Christopher Corn, noticing the amount of sweat on his forehead. “I think you should rest for a bit. You haven’t stopped dancing all morning.” “I was just wanting to get this dance routine perfect,” said Cameron Cauliflower. […] Read More

Christopher Corn has a Meltdown

It was a dull and dreary summer morning. Christopher Corn woke up, not quite feeling like himself. He was late getting up and he couldn’t stop thinking about the bad dream he had. He glanced over at his phone and realized he was late for practice. “Oh no!” shouted Christopher to himself, grabbing his clothes […] Read More

Loud Garden’s Labour Day Concert

“This is our big day,” said Christopher Corn, to the members of his band, Loud Garden. “Is everyone ready?” “We have practised every day for the entire summer for this concert,” said Cameron Cauliflower. “I don’t know about the rest of you but I am ready to dance until I drop.” “Just don’t drop,” laughed […] Read More

Beatrice Bee is Lucky

“I feel lucky,” said Beatrice Bee as she flew around Storyland. “Maybe I will find a pot of gold. After all, it is a rainy summer day. All I have to do is find a rainbow.” Beatrice flew over a field of clover. “Maybe I will find a four leaf clover,” said Beatrice to herself. […] Read More

Strawberry Summer Dance

“Theresa Ann!” exclaimed Hillbilly Bob, seeing her walk through the lot at the gas station he worked at. “What are you doing here?” “I wanted to know if you would like to go to the Strawberry Summer Dance with me?” asked Theresa Ann. “I thought you would have asked me by now.” “It is still […] Read More

Christopher Corn and Stir Fry

“Come on,” sang Christopher Corn. “Let’s sing our hearts out, dance all night and do not pout.” Christopher started dancing across the stage. Cameron Cauliflower saw him. He laughed and then he joined in. “You are in a good mood,” laughed Cameron. “What is going on?” Christopher started jumping up and down on the stage. […] Read More