Loud Garden’s Labour Day Concert

“This is our big day,” said Christopher Corn, to the members of his band, Loud Garden. “Is everyone ready?”

“We have practised every day for the entire summer for this concert,” said Cameron Cauliflower. “I don’t know about the rest of you but I am ready to dance until I drop.”

“Just don’t drop,” laughed Christopher. “We need you.”

“Let’s play some music!” shouted Calvin Carrot.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Tomato. “We don’t want to keep our fans waiting.”

“Speaking of fans,” said Olive Onion. “Have you seen the size of the crowd out there? There has to be at least ten thousand people.”

“That many?” asked Christopher, surprised. “We’d better get this concert started.”

Cameron Cauliflower walked out onto the stage first. He danced around the stage and then one by one, Loud Garden took their places, with Christopher being last. The crowd roared when Christopher appeared. They all got up from their seats, arms raised in the air and all of them dancing and singing along.

“Do you realize how much of a hit Loud Garden is?” Farmer Fred asked them during their first break.

“I can’t believe how well they are responding to us,” said Christopher, in utter disbelief.

“Loud Garden is an instant hit,” said Farmer Fred.

“We’d better get back out on the stage and give them more of what they came out here to get,” said Christopher, running out onto the stage with the rest of Loud Garden following him.

Christopher started singing and then, out of nowhere, a special guest joined him onstage.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Christopher said into the microphone. “We have a special guest joining us. Please welcome, my dear friend, Chard Benning and his new band, Winking Park!”

The crowd went wild.

“Christopher! Chard! Christopher! Chard!” they chanted.

After the concert, backstage, Loud Garden was overwhelmed at just how perfect their first major concert was.

“Remember this moment,” Christopher told the members of Loud Garden. “Because, after this moment, our lives will never be the same.”

Moral of this Story:

  • Remember an important moment in life for as long as you can because life may never be the same after it.
  • Example: Loud Garden was such a hit that their lives will never be the same.


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