Lil’ Rebel and the Valentine’s Day Dance

“Lil’ Rebel,” said Father, about a week before Valentine’s Day. “Your mother and I have decided on your punishment for lying to us about going to the library last night.”

“Oh,” said Lil’ Rebel, not impressed.

“We have decided that you are grounded for a week,” said Father.

“Fine,” said Lil’ Rebel, stomping out of the living room and going upstairs to her room.

Lil’ Rebel sat down on her bed and thought about her punishment. She knew she was at fault. She knew she told her parents she was at the library when she was actually at her friend, Jeannie’s house, helping her with preparations for the Valentine’s Day Dance at school on Valentine’s Day.

“Oh no!” thought Lil’ Rebel. “I will be grounded for the Valentine’s Day Dance! There is no way they are going to let me go. This is just not fair.”

Lil’ Rebel thought hard about the situation she was in. She thought that if she did things around the house without being asked, maybe, just maybe, her parents would let her go. The next few days after school, Lil’ Rebel did the dishes, peeled potatoes, looked after her baby sister, Pattie, and did her homework.

“Mother and Father,” said Lil’ Rebel the night before the Valentine’s Day Dance. “I know I have two more days of being grounded but there is a Valentine’s Day Dance at school tomorrow night and I would really like to go.”

“I don’t know,” said Father. “Do you deserve to be let off your grounding early?”

“I have done the dishes every day after school,” explained Lil’ Rebel. “I also peeled the potatoes, looked after Pattie and did my homework, all without being asked.”

“That was you that did the dishes,” said Mother. “I thought your father got off work early and did them.”

“I thought Mother did them,” said Father.

“In light of this new information,” said Mother. “I think it is okay for you to go.”

“I agree,” said Father.

“Thank you,” cried Lil’ Rebel, happily. “Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome,” said Father.

Lil’ Rebel had a lot of fun at the Valentine’s Day Dance. She even got asked to dance by George, a boy in her class that she really liked.


Moral of this Story:

  • Try to do things around the house without being asked.
  • Example: Lil’ Rebel did things around the house without being asked.
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