Thanks for the Sun

It was such a bitterly cold day in the city of Toronto, Ontario. It was the middle of January and I was so cold. For days, there had been nothing but clouds in the sky and it had been snowing for what seemed like months. The streets of downtown Toronto were covered with wet, slushy snow. It was not a pretty sight to see.

One morning, I looked out my apartment window and I was so surprised to see the sun shining through. I got dressed and went outside right away.

“Good morning, City Kid,” I heard my neighbour say.

“Good morning,” I called back. “And a nice one at that.”

“Yes,” said my neighbour. “It sure is nice to see that sun shining.”

“Oh it definitely is,” I said.

I went for a long walk that day and even though it was still cold, the sun warmed things up considerably. I wasn’t the only one enjoying the sun that day. I saw dogs playing ball with their owners in the park. I saw little children playing outside in the snow. It was a beautiful day and unfortunately in the winter months, we don’t get too many nice days in Toronto.

I didn’t even bother to go home for lunch that day. I stopped by a restaurant and ordered a sandwich and a nice hot cup of coffee and I found a dry park bench to sit on just up the street. As I ate my sandwich, I watched a squirrel playing in the nearby tree. I saved a piece of my crust for him and he was very pleased that I had done that. He grabbed up that crust and ran into his tree as fast as he could go.

I made the most of that day and I was so glad that I did because the next morning when I looked out my window, it was dull and dreary-looking once more.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to have a sunny day in January.
  • Example: City Kid saw the sun was shining in the middle of January. He went outdoors to enjoy the day.

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