Summer Sun and the Scorching Summer Heat

“I think I will set the thermostat for a cooler summer day,” said Summer Sun. “It was a bit too warm yesterday.”

“Yes it was,” said Angela Ant, Summer Sun’s best friend. “But if you make it too cool, we both know Matilda might not like it.”

“What will she do?” asked Summer Sun. “Put a spell on me.”

“You know she will try,” said Angela.

“True,” said Summer Sun. “Okay, I won’t lower it too much.”

“Good,” said Angela.

About twenty minutes after Summer Sun set the thermostat, Matilda, the wicked witch, was banging on her door.

“Hello,” said Summer Sun, when she answered the door.

“Don’t talk to me,” said Matilda, angrily. “What is going on with the heat? It is much too cool today.”

“I made it too warm yesterday,” said Summer Sun.

“I love hot weather,” said Matilda. “If you don’t turn up the heat, I will have to put a spell on you?”

“Fine,” said Summer Sun. “I will turn it up.”

Summer Sun raised the temperature by ten degrees Celsius.

“What is the temperature now?” asked Matilda.

“It is set at 26°C,” said Summer Sun.

“That is not hot enough,” said Matilda. “Raise it up to another ten degrees.”

“That would be way too hot,” said Summer Sun.

“Do it,” said Matilda. “Or, I am going to put a very nasty spell on you.”

Reluctantly, Summer Sun raised the thermostat to 36°C. It wasn’t long before the heat was unbearable.

“It is much too hot,” said Angela.

“I know it is,” said Summer Sun. “I don’t want to touch the thermostat because of Matilda. I don’t want her to put a spell on me.”

“I understand,” said Angela.

Matilda was enjoying the heat at first but it wasn’t long before the heat got to her too. She was at Summer Sun’s door.

“Please turn the heat down,” begged Matilda. “It is much too hot now.”

“And you won’t cast a spell on me,” said Summer Sun.

“No,” said Matilda. “I promise.”

Summer Sun turned the thermostat down to 24°C and Matilda was grateful. Matilda never complained about the heat ever again.


Moral of this Story:

  • Summer heat can get unbearable.
  • Example: Matilda, the wicked witch, wanted the heat to be turned up but it wasn’t long before the heat got to her.

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