Drop – Master Action Words

Drop …

“This brick is heavy,” commented Master Action Words, carrying a brick from the car into the house. “I need this brick to replace one that crumbled by the fireplace.”

“You could always drop it,” said Master Action Words’ friend, Billy.

“Drop is an action word,” said Master Action Words. “That is a good idea.”

“Yes,” said Master Action Words’ other friend, Harold. “It is an action word.”

“It means to let go of something,” said Master Action Words. “I can let go of this brick and then it won’t be heavy any longer.”

“Be careful when you drop the brick,” said Harold.

“Yes,” said Billy. “You don’t want it to land on your toes.”

“Oh I know,” said Master Action Words. “If I drop the brick on my toes, it would hurt.”

Master Action Words carefully dropped the brick onto the floor.

“I didn’t hurt myself when I dropped the brick,” said Master Action Words. “The action word drop let me set the brick on the floor so I wouldn’t have to keep carrying such a heavy object.”

“Here,” said Harold, picking up the brick. “I will help you carry it into the kitchen. 

“Thank you,” said Master Action Words. “That would be very helpful.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be careful when dropping heavy objects.
  • Example: Master Action Words was careful when he dropped the heavy brick he was carrying onto the floor.

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