Desert Kid and the Hot Summer Day

“It is another hot summer day in our Canadian desert,” said Desert Kid’s mother.

“Oh dear,” said Desert Kid. “Now I have to spend another day inside. I am so bored. I really wanted to go for a walk.”

“As long as you keep your head covered and stay hydrated I don’t see why you can’t go for a short walk,” said Mother. “I know you are bored. You are not used to being indoors. Besides, there really isn’t much for you to do inside the house.”

“Thank you,” said Desert Kid, grabbing his silk scarf and covering his head with it.

“Don’t forget these,” said Mother, who took two bottles of water out of the fridge. “Drink one now and take the other one with you.”

Desert Kid drank the one bottle of water and put the other one in his backpack. He knew it was very important to stay hydrated, especially in the desert heat.

“Don’t stay out too long,” said Mother, waving to Desert Kid as he walked out the door. “I don’t want you to get sun stroke.”

“I won’t,” waved Desert Kid.

Desert Kid walked down the roadway. He could feel the sun blaring down on him, even through the silk scarf that he had wrapped around the top of his head.

“As much as I want to be outside,” said Desert Kid to himself. “It is much too hot.”

Desert Kid went back inside. He explained to his mother that it was much too hot outside.

“I am glad you knew enough to come back indoors,” said Mother. “I am very proud of you.”

“Thank you,” said Desert Kid.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always come inside when it is too hot outside.
  • Example: Desert Kid knew it was much too hot outside so he came back inside.

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