Summer Sun and the Scorching Summer Heat

“I think I will set the thermostat for a cooler summer day,” said Summer Sun. “It was a bit too warm yesterday.” “Yes it was,” said Angela Ant, Summer Sun’s best friend. “But if you make it too cool, we both know Matilda might not like it.” “What will she do?” asked Summer Sun. “Put […] Read More

Summer Sun and the Wicked Spell

“I don’t feel very well today,” said Summer Sun to herself as she sat up in her bed. “I think I am going to go back to sleep.” Summer Sun slept for a few hours. Her best friend, Angela Ant, stopped by to see her because she was worried about her. “I am very sick,” […] Read More

Summer Sun

Summer Sun decided that she wanted to make this day a warm summer day. She went over to the main thermometer and set the temperature to warm. “I think I will go for a walk on this warm summer day,” said Summer Sun. Summer Sun put on her pretty pink summer dress. She brushed her bright […] Read More

The Wicked Witch

“I look so mean and nasty this morning,” said the wicked witch to herself while looking in the mirror. “I wonder whose life I can make a misery today.” The wicked witch walked outside of her haunted house and saw that the neighbours had planted some flowers in their garden. Oh, the wicked witch became […] Read More

The Wicked Witch

Walking long the dark highway on Halloween night, was frightening, but because I already knew the road, I continued on. Soon, I came to a house that I had never seen before. The house was very eerie looking. Huge elm trees surrounded the house on each side. The house was dull and dingy. “That house […] Read More