Becky’s Stick Family Sticker

Mother and Stacey were driving through Lindsay, Ontario when they spotted a Ford Focus up ahead of them that had a really unique stick family sticker on it.

“What is the story behind that one?” Mother asked Stacey.

“I believe it means the person in that car either loves to get massages,” said Stacey. “Or they are a massage therapist.”

“Okay,” said Mother.” Now what about the sack of toys on the floor and the Santa hat hanging on the hook on the wall?”

“Maybe Santa is getting a massage,” said Stacey.

“I think you are right,” said Mother.

Mother saw the car pull into a driveway. She stopped the car and got out to talk to the woman who was driving it. Stacey followed her.

“Hi, my name is Marie,” said Mother. “And this is my daughter, Stacey. My family like to play a game when we are travelling,” said Mother. “We call it the Stick Family Game. When we see stick family stickers we ask each other what we think the story is behind it.”

“My name is Becky,” said the woman, who looked very intrigued.

“We saw your stick family sticker on the back of your car,” said Stacey.

“I see,” said Becky.

“It is very unique,” said Mother. “We just want to see how accurate we were in our interpretation of what your stick family sticker means,” said Stacey.

“Okay,” said Becky. “What do you think it means?”

“We think Santa is getting a massage,” said Mother.

“You are pretty close,” laughed Becky.

“At first I thought your family must like massages,” said Stacey. “But then I thought you must be a massage therapist.”

“I am a massage therapist.” said Becky.

“What about the man in the sticker?” asked Mother. “Is that Santa?”

“Sort of,” said Becky, calling for her husband to come outside. “That is my husband, Terry.”

“Oh my! “exclaimed Stacey, when she saw Terry’s long white beard. “It is Santa!”

“He is one of Santa’s helpers,” said Becky. ‘ ‘He plays Santa at the mall.”

“We were pretty accurate,” said Stacey.

“Yes,” said Becky. “You were.”

“Thank you for your time and your very interesting story,” said Mother.

“You are very welcome,” said Becky.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important to be curious and engage with the world around us.
  • Example: Mother and Stacey’s inquisitiveness led them to learn more about Becky and her family.

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