Christmas in BC

“Gee,” said Fawn, one day, while walking down the road. “Christmas is going to be here soon.”

“I know,” said Spot, smiling, looking at the mountains ahead of her. “It is going to be beautiful here in BC for Christmas.”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “It will. This will be our first Christmas in BC.”

“We are going to have a good Christmas this year,” said Spot.

“Mr. Hansen is going to go hunting for a wild turkey for Christmas dinner this year,” said Fawn.

“That will be different,” said Spot.

“Definitely,” said Fawn.

“You know,” said Spot. “I’d like to do something nice for Mr. and Mrs. Hansen for Christmas this year.”

“Like what?” asked Fawn.

“Well I was thinking that wouldn’t it be nice if Ricky and Jenny could come to BC for Christmas,” said Spot.

“Oh,” said Fawn. “That would be wonderful! I miss them so much!”

“Then let’s do it,” said Spot. “Let’s bring them out here for Christmas.”

Fawn and Spot gathered up what money they could but when they tried to book flights for the kids online, they found out that they just couldn’t afford it. It was going to be so expensive. They tried to see what it would cost to bring them out by bus but again, it was going to cost so much money.

“Nice thought,” said Fawn. “We’ll never be able to afford to bring them out.”

“But,” said Spot. “Why don’t we see if Ricky and Jenny can put together a video of themselves for Mr. and Mrs. Hansen?”

“Now that would be a good idea,” said Fawn.

Fawn got onto the computer one afternoon when Mr. and Mrs. Hansen had gone into town. He found out that Ricky and Jenny had video cams for their computers. They jumped at the idea and they had sent Fawn videos and pictures within a week.

Fawn spent the next few nights in the barn, editing the videos and he had them all done and was showing them to Spot when Mr. Hansen walked into the office in the barn.

“Mr. Hansen!” exclaimed Fawn, trying to hide the pictures on the computer screen. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to use the computer,” said Mr. Hansen. “Hey, was that Ricky I just saw on the computer?”

“Yes,” said Spot, disappointed that Mr. Hansen had seen what they were doing on the computer. “It is Ricky. We were trying to put together a surprise for you and Mrs. Hansen for Christmas.”

Mr. Hansen saw the look of disappointment on Fawn and Spot’s faces.

“I’m sorry,” said Mr. Hansen. “I will leave you to what you were doing. I didn’t mean to ruin your surprise for us, but just so you know, the only thing I saw was Ricky and all I saw of him was about two seconds.”

“Oh okay,” said Fawn. “Then you haven’t really ruined our surprise cause you haven’t really seen anything then.”

Mr. Hansen left the room and then Fawn and Spot both went back to the video.

“Do you think he saw more than that?” asked Fawn.

“No,” said Spot. “He couldn’t have. He was only here for a minute.”

Christmas morning finally came and Mr. and Mrs. Hansen were called down to the barn to take a look at the video that Fawn and Spot created for them.

“Oh!” cried Mrs. Hansen! “There is my Ricky and Jenny!”

Mrs. Hansen was very thrilled with the video.

“Well,” said Mr. Hansen. “I’ve got a surprise for all of you!”

Ricky and Jenny walked into the barn.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Fawn, almost crying when he saw them.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming out for Christmas?” asked Spot.

“And ruin your Christmas present to Mom and Dad,” said Ricky. “Not a chance!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Christmas surprises are the best!
  • Example: Fawn and Spot were in for a big surprise for their first Christmas in BC.

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