Ellie’s Research Takes a Turn

Baby Face Monster woke up and went outside to gather some firewood so that he could make breakfast for Ellie. Ellie is a researcher who lives in his cave with him. She is researching Baby Face’s origins. She is trying to find out where he comes from. She is also trying to find out if there are more of his kind. Baby Face is in love with Ellie.

Baby Face is not a real monster, in the sense of what we think monsters should be. Most of us think monsters are ugly and monsters are mean. Baby Face is neither of those. The reason he is classified as a monster is because he is different.

“It is such a beautiful day today,” said Baby Face, bringing an arm load of firewood into the cave. “Why don’t we go to the lake today?”

“You know something,” said Ellie, setting her microscope aside. “I am not getting anywhere with this research and it does look like it is going to be a glorious spring day. Why don’t we go on a picnic by the lake?”

“Is that where we sit on a blanket and eat from a basket?” asked Baby Face.

“Yes,” said Ellie. “Very good.”

“That does sound like fun,” said Baby Face. “Let’s do it.”

Ellie packed a lunch for them, while Baby Face grabbed a blanket and some towels.

“Why the towels?” asked Ellie.

“So we can dry off after our swim,” said Baby Face.

“Won’t the water be too cool?” asked Ellie. “It is only the third week of spring.”

“Actually,” said Baby face. “It might be too cold for you but I love the cold water. The colder the better.”

Ellie thought the statement Baby Face just made was a little strange. She never knew that about him. The fact that he liked cold water could very well be a missing piece of the puzzle. She was now very excited to see him swim.

As soon as they reached the lake, Baby Face jumped right into it. He didn’t seem one bit leery of swimming in that frigid lake. Ellie knew it was very cold because she stuck her hand in the water and then immediately took it back out.

Baby Face was quite a good distance from the shore. Ellie watched as he swam under the water. She waited for him to swim back up to the surface but he didn’t.

Ellie was terrified. She knew she could not jump in and get him because she would definitely freeze within minutes. Ellie waited and waited. After ten minutes, there was still no sign of him. She was just going to risk her life and jump in after him, when he finally poked his head up onto the surface.

“Oh Baby face,” cried Ellie once he came back onto the shore. “I thought you had drowned. I was so scared.”

“There is no need to be scared,” said Baby Face. “I have stayed under water for much, much longer.”

“How much longer?” asked “asked Ellie.

“About an hour or more,” said Baby Face.

“Do you not come up for air?” asked Ellie. “I would only be able to stay underwater for a few minutes.”

“I don’t need air when I swim,” said Baby face. “I didn’t know that staying underwater for long periods of time was dangerous.”

“It is extremely dangerous for humans,” said Ellie. “We would drown.”

“I just thought that what I did was normal,” said Baby Face.

Ellie saw a whole new angle on how to research Baby Face. She believed he may be a creature of the sea and she was very excited about the information she uncovered.


Moral of this Story:

  • Researches have to be able to pick up on the smallest clues.
  • Example: Ellie picked up on the fact that Baby Face liked cold water. That opened up a whole new area for her research.
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