“A” is for Adventure

“It is summertime,” said Alphabet Allie to her friend, Andy. “It is time for an adventure. ‘A’ is for adventure.” 
“I agree,” said Andy.”‘A’is for agree. What kind of adventure do you want to go on?” 
“I was thinking of a fruit and vegetable adventure,” said Alphabet Allie. “Let’s see how many fruits and vegetables  we can find that start with the letter ‘A’.” 
“That sounds like fun,” said Andy. “My mother just did the groceries. We can see what she bought that starts with the letter’ A’ .” 
“Okay,” said Alphabet Allie. “Let’s go to your house.” 
Alphabet Allie followed Andy to his house. 
“Apples,” said Alphabet Allie, noticing Andy’s mother putting a bag of apples in the fridge. “‘A’ is for apples.” 
“How about asparagus?” asked Andy, pulling some asparagus out of the grocery bag. “‘A’ is for asparagus.” 
“Avocado,” said Alphabet Allie, seeing an avocado sitting on the counter. “‘A’ is for avocado.” 
“What about apricots?” asked Andy. “‘A’ is for apricots. I see Mother putting the apricots in the fridge.” 
“That was a fun adventure,” said Alphabet Allie. “We should do that again sometime. ‘A’ is for again.” 
“Yes,” said Andy. “That was fun.” 


Moral of this Story:

  • Playing word games is fun.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie and Andy made up a word game to play.
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