Beatrice Bee in the Mountains

Beatrice Bee flew to the western edge of Bed Tyme Tales storyboard. She saw mountains, very tall mountains, right at the western edge. 
“Those must be the Rocky Mountains,” said Beatrice to herself. “I don’t think I can go any further west than this. Although, I have heard that there are a few Bed Tyme Tales characters that live west of the mountains. There has to be a way to get over them.” 
Just then, Beatrice saw an airplane flying above the mountains. 
“If an airplane can fly over the mountains,” said Beatrice. “Then, so can I.” 
Beatrice headed west. The closer she got to the mountains, the more Beatrice was intrigued by their size. 
“These mountains are the tallest thing I have ever seen,” said Beatrice. “I am not so sure that I could fly over them.” 
Beatrice flew around the base of the mountains. She saw a road. She flew above the road, making sure she stayed well above the cars and trucks. 
“Oh,” said Beatrice. “The cars and trucks are going into a tunnel.” 
Beatrice flew through the tunnel. Soon, she saw a bright light. She knew she was at the end of the tunnel. 
“Oh my!” exclaimed Beatrice, once she was out of the tunnel. “The mountains are spectacular.” 
Beatrice flew around the mountains. Soon, she came to a log cabin. She saw the front door to the log cabin was open. She went inside. 
“What a beautiful home,” commented Beatrice. “It is absolutely beautiful.” 
“What are you doing in my cabin?” a man asked, coming into the cabin and seeing Beatrice. 
“I am Beatrice Bee,” said Beatrice. “I won’t sting you.” 
“Good,” said the man. “My name is Mountain Kid.” 
“It is very nice to meet you,” said Beatrice. 
“I have a few beehives set up at the edge of my field,” said Mountain Kid. “I have always been fascinated by bees.” 
“We are a very fascinating creature,” said Beatrice. 
“Without you,” said Mountain Kid. “We would not have any honey and a world without honey would not be a very good place.” 
“Don’t forget all the plants we pollinate,” said Beatrice. 
“I could never forget that,” said Mountain Kid. “Pollination is very important.” 
Mountain Kid was very fascinated by Beatrice Bee. The two of them became very good friends. Mountain Kid was very sad to see Beatrice leave. 
“Please make sure you come back soon,” said Mountain Kid. “I enjoyed your company.” 
“I have enjoyed your company as well,” said Beatrice, flying away. 


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important for us to appreciate what bees do for us.
  • Example: Mountain Kid appreciated Beatrice Bee because of what bees provide to us.
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