“A” is for Autumn

“What an awesome autumn day,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘A’ is for awesome and also for autumn.”

“It is a good day to go to the apple orchard,” said Anna. “‘A’ is for apple.”

“Look at the auburn colour of the leaves,” said Alphabet Allie, as they walked to the orchard. “‘A’ is for auburn.”

“They look amazing,” said Anna. “‘A’ is for amazing.”

“I see some ants,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘A’ is for ants.”

“I see them too,” said Anna. “They are super annoying. ‘A’ is for annoying.”

“Look,” said Alphabet Allie. “They sell apricots and asparagus here too. ‘A’ is for apricots and asparagus.

“They are a wonderful meal for an autumn afternoon,” said Anna. “‘A’ is for afternoon?”

“I agree,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘A’ is for agree.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Autumn is an amazing season.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie and her friend, Anna went to the apple orchard on an awesome autumn day.

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