Sunflowers Everywhere

“Look at all the sunflowers that are growing in the neighbourhood,” said George, Sunflower Suzie’s husband.

“They are all so beautiful,” said Sunflower Suzie.

“So bright and colourful,” said George.

“And so healthy too,” said Sunflower Suzie.

George and Sunflower Suzie were going for a walk in their neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was a warm autumn day.

“Hello George and Sunflower Suzie,” said their neighbour, Allison, as they passed by her house on their walk. “Isn’t the neighbourhood beautiful?”

“It sure is,” said George.

“Go many sunflowers,” said Sunflower Suzie. “Amazing!”

“The neighbourhood owes it all to you,” said Allison.

“I don’t know what you mean,” said Sunflower Suzie, modestly.

“You don’t need to be so modest,” said Allison. “It is all your advice to everyone about how to keep the sunflowers healthy. That is the reason we now have so many and it is why our neighbourhood looks so beautiful.”

“I guess it helps that I am a sunflower,” said Sunflower Suzie.

“Absolutely,” agreed Allison. “Who better to know what a sunflower needs?”

“I agree,” said George.

“I just want to thank you,” said Allison,

“No thanks needed,” said Sunflower Suzie. “I am just doing what I know best.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to give someone a compliment.
  • Example: Sunflower Suzie received a compliment on how she gave the neighbourhood advice on how to grow sunflowers.

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