Scarecrows and Sunflowers

“I have a bunch of old shirts and other clothes that I need to donate,” said George, Sunflower Suzie’s husband.

“It is a nice autumn day,” said Sunflower Suzie. “We can go for a walk. There is a donation bin at the corner. We can drop the clothes off there.”

“Good idea,” said George.

George grabbed his old clothes and they walked toward the donation bin. On the way, a crow was flying around Sunflower Suzie. He started pecking at her.

“Get away from me,” said Sunflower Suzie, swatting at the crow.

“Here,” said George, giving Sunflower Suzie one of his old hats. “This should keep the crows off you.”

“Thank you,” said Sunflower Suzie. “Ever since autumn came around, I have been having problems with the crows pecking at me.”

“I suppose it is expected,” said George. “You are a sunflower now.”

“True,” said Sunflower Suzie. “What about the sunflowers in our garden? The crows must be bothering them. There must be something we can do to help them.”

“I have an idea,” said George. “Stay here. I will be right back.”

“Sure,” said Sunflower Suzie.

While Sunflower Suzie waited, George went to the barn and got a bale of hay.

“Scarecrows,” said Sunflower Suzie, figuring out that George was going to use his old clothes to make some scarecrows. “That should help the sunflowers!”

The scarecrows did help keep the crows away from the sunflowers. It made Sunflower Suzie very happy because she was relieved that the sunflowers were going to be safe from the crows.


Moral of this Story:

  • There are things you can do to be helpful to others.
  • Example: Scarecrow Suzie and George made scarecrows to keep the sunflowers safe in the garden.

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