Happy Heart and Bad Teeth Bradley

“It is Valentine’s Day,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, looking at the Valentine candy in the window of the candy store. “That candy looks so good. I really wish I could have some.”

Bad Teeth Bradley loved candy but he also had rotten teeth. His dentist, Dr. Stevens, had done extensive work on Bad Teeth Bradley’s teeth. No matter where Bad Teeth Bradley went to try to eat candy, Dr. Stevens always found him and dragged him to his office for more dental work. Bad Teeth Bradley also knows that he cannot buy candy at the candy store because Dr. Steven’s wife owns it.

“That candy does look good,” Bad Teeth Bradley heard a voice from behind him say.

“Yes it does,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, turning around to see who was behind him.

“My name is Happy Heart,” said the voice behind him. “I see you like candy.”

“Oh yes,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “I do like candy very much but my teeth and my dentist do not.”

“Well,” said Happy Heart. “What if I showed you a food that tasted just like candy but it was actually good for you.”

“Are you trying to trick me?” asked Bad Teeth Bradley. “Who are you? “What are you doing here?”

“As I said earlier,” said Happy Heart. “My name is Happy Heart. I come to Storyland each Valentine’s Day to spread love and happiness to everyone.”

“Okay,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “So, what is this food you are talking about?”

“Well,” said Happy Heart. “It is dried fruit.”

“Dried fruit! “exclaimed Bad Teeth Bradley. “I have never tried that.”

“Here,” said Happy Heart, giving a piece of dried strawberry to Bad Teeth Bradley. “Try this.”

Bad Teeth Bradley took a bite of the dried strawberry and then another and another.

“This is very good,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “It does taste like candy.”

“You could dry almost any fruit,” said Happy Heart. “The good thing is, it is very good for you.”

“What are you eating?” asked Dr. Stevens, spotting Bad Teeth Bradley outside his wife’s candy shop.

“Don’t worry,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “This is dried fruit. It sort of tastes like candy but it is good for me.”

“That is really good,” said Dr. Stevens. “You have just made my job easier.”

“So,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “I don’t need to come to your office with you?”

“No,” said Dr. Stevens. “You don’t.”

“Happy Heart,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, smiling. “You have made me very happy. Thank you!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” said Happy Heart, smiling.


Moral of this Story:

  • There are alternatives to eating candy.
  • Example: Happy Heart gives Bad Teeth Bradley some dried fruit to eat instead of eating candy.
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