Happy Heart and Angry Cat

“Why do I not have any food in my bowl?” yelled Angry Cat. “You know I like to eat when I wake up from my nap.”

Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet, grabbed the food bowl and was on the way to the kitchen. She was going to fill the food bowl but then she saw someone at the door.

“Hello,” said Harriet, when she answered the door.

“Hello,” said the person at the door. “I am Happy Heart. I heard someone yelling and I wanted to spread my love and happiness around. It is Valentine’s Day, after all.”

“Yes,” said Harriet. “It is Valentine’s Day. My name is Harriet. That was my brother, Angry Cat, that you heard yelling. His food bowl is empty.”

“I see,” said Happy Heart. “And I suppose it is your job to fill it up.”

“It isn’t my job,” said Harriet. “However, I do it to make him happy.”

“That is very nice of you,” said Happy Heart. “What does he do to make you happy?”

“He doesn’t do much,” said Harriet, honestly.

“That doesn’t sound very fair,” said Happy Heart.

“No,” said Harriet. “It isn’t fair.”

“Give me his food bowl,” said Happy Heart. “That is going to change.”

“Where is my food?” asked Angry Cat. “And, who is that here with you?”

“I am Happy Heart,” said Happy Heart. “Now, today is Valentine’s Day and you haven’t done anything to make your sister happy. Don’t you love her anymore?”

“Of course I love Harriet,” said Angry Cat.

“How come you don’t show it?” asked Happy Heart. “She obviously loves you and she tries to make you happy. She was going to fill up your food bowl for you until I came along.”

Angry Cat thought about what Happy Heart had just said to him. He felt bad about the way he treated Harriet.

“I am sorry Harriet,” said Angry Cat. “I am sorry for the way I treated you.”

Angry Cat took the food bowl from Happy Heart. He took it into the kitchen and filled it with food. He set it down on the floor and motioned for Harriet to eat first.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” said Angry Cat. “I do love you.”

“I love you as well,” said Harriet.

“Now see how nice that is,” said Happy Heart, smiling. “Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always love your loved ones.
  • Example: Angry Cat was treating his sister, Harriet, unfairly, until Happy Heart showed up.
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