Happy Heart and Angry Cat

“Why do I not have any food in my bowl?” yelled Angry Cat. “You know I like to eat when I wake up from my nap.” Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet, grabbed the food bowl and was on the way to the kitchen. She was going to fill the food bowl but then she saw someone […] Read More

Sammy Spider

Sammy Spider was busy weaving his spider web. He needed to catch some bugs so that he would have something to eat. “I hope I catch a lot of bugs with this web,” said Sammy Spider to himself. “The last web I made was ruined by a cat who thought my web was a play […] Read More

Ugly Sally’s Haunted Room

“Some girls were trying to play Halloween tricks on me at school,” said Ugly Sally. “Is that right?” asked her Uncle Joe, who was visiting her for the weekend. “Yes,” said Ugly Sally. “It wasn’t very nice of them.” “And have you played tricks on them before?” asked Uncle Joe. “Well yes,” admitted Ugly Sally. […] Read More

Bad Teeth Bradley

It was close to Halloween. A brand new candy store just opened up. Bad Teeth Bradley, a six foot six tall and very slim monster, found out about it through a flyer he received in the mail. “I can’ t wait to check out this brand new candy store,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. The grand […] Read More

Thanksgiving at the Cottage

I remember having Thanksgiving dinner with my grandparents at their cottage in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. I remember the autumn leaves falling into the lake. I remember a cool wind blowing across my cheeks and I remember it feeling refreshing. I wasn’t worried about getting cold because I had on a white cable knit sweater that I […] Read More

Apple Monster is Thankful for Apples

“It certainly is a beautiful autumn day,” commented Apple Monster to Mrs. Queen, the queen ant. “It certainly is,” agreed Mrs. Queen. “What are your workers doing?” asked Apple Monster, who just happened to notice a few of the ants were taking apples directly off the tree. You know we have an agreement. You are […] Read More

Arrow is Thankful for Cutie

“What smells so good?” asked Arrow, a beautiful 8 year old black and white cat. “I think it is the turkey that is cooking in the oven,” said his sister, Cutie, the most precious calico coloured cat there ever was. “That is right,” said Arrow. “I remember Mommy saying it was Thanksgiving.” “I like Thanksgiving,” […] Read More

Mama Acorn is Thankful for her Family

Mama Acorn had just finished feeding Baby Acorn his breakfast. She took the broom and went outside to sweep off the branch of the oak tree where she lived. “It is such a beautiful autumn day,” said Mama Acorn. “And it is Thanksgiving weekend too!” Mama Acorn already had the turkey stuffed and it was […] Read More

Beatrice Bee Visits Sprinkles

“Something smells really good,” said Beatrice Bee as she was flying around Storyland. “I must find out what it is.” Beatrice saw a young girl sitting on a front porch of a house. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful summer day. “My name is Beatrice Bee,” said Beatrice, landing on the railing […] Read More

Arrow and Cutie at the Beach

“Where are Arrow and Cutie?” asked Daddy, coming home from work on a warm summer day. “Come here,” said Mommy, taking Daddy into the kitchen. “Oh my!” exclaimed Daddy. “They are so cute!” Arrow and Cutie had crawled into a cardboard box together and they were both sound asleep. “They have been in there for […] Read More