Bad Teeth Bradley

It was close to Halloween. A brand new candy store just opened up. Bad Teeth Bradley, a six foot six tall and very slim monster, found out about it through a flyer he received in the mail.

“I can’ t wait to check out this brand new candy store,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

The grand opening of the brand new candy store was the next morning. Bad Teeth Bradley couldn’t sleep that night. He dreamed about all the new types of candy that he was going to buy.

The next morning, Bad Teeth Bradley woke up at 5 am. He went straight to the new candy store and he stood in line. He was the very first person in line. When the doors opened at 9 am, Bad Teeth Bradley was the very first person to enter the new store. He was in awe o all the brand new shiny bins filled to the brim with delicious candy.

Bad Teeth Bradley walked around the aisles, tasting any of the candy samples he found. He had several bags of candy in his hand that he was going to purchase. He was in his glory and he was having so much fun that he didn’t notice that Dr. Stevens, his dentist, had entered the store.

“That is a lot of candy you have in your hand,” said Dr. Stevens, taking the candy and setting it back on the shelf.

“Oh oh!” exclaimed Bad Teeth Bradley, seeing the look of disappointment on Dr. Stevens’ face.

“Come with me,” said Dr. Stevens, taking Bad Teeth Bradley by the hand and walking him to his office.

“Please stay away from that new candy store,” said Dr. Stevens, after doing a thorough cleaning of Bad Teeth Bradley’s teeth.

“I will try,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

“If you do go,” said Dr. Stevens. “I have ways of knowing because my wife is the owner.”

“Great,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

“I will see you tomorrow morning,” said Dr. Stevens, giving Bad Teeth Bradley a printout of his next 100 appointments.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not good to eat a lot of candy.
  • Example: Bad Teeth Bradley went to the new candy store just to purchase lots of candy.
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