Ugly Sally’s Haunted Room

“Some girls were trying to play Halloween tricks on me at school,” said Ugly Sally.

“Is that right?” asked her Uncle Joe, who was visiting her for the weekend.

“Yes,” said Ugly Sally. “It wasn’t very nice of them.”

“And have you played tricks on them before?” asked Uncle Joe.

“Well yes,” admitted Ugly Sally. “I did.”

“Then I guess they have a right to play tricks on you,” said Uncle Joe.

“I suppose,” said Ugly Sally.

On Halloween evening, Ugly Sally was in her room, watching television. She was supposed to be doing her homework but she was procrastinating.

“I will do it after supper,” said Ugly Sally to herself.

“You better get your homework done now,” Ugly Sally heard a voice say.

“That is strange,” said Ugly Sally, sitting upright on her bed.

Ugly Sally didn’t recognize the voice and it wasn’t coming from downstairs where she knew both her parents were.

“The voice sounds like it is right in my room,” said Ugly Sally, with goosebumps on her arm.

Ugly Sally got up and searched her room but she could find no evidence of where the voice was coming from. She didn’t find anything.

“Maybe your room is haunted,” said Father, when Ugly Sally told her parents about it.

“It is Halloween,” said Ugly Sally.

Ugly Sally brought her homework down to the kitchen table and did it there.

“It is time to get up,” Ugly Sally heard the same voice the next morning.

Mother was standing in the doorway. She heard the voice as well.

“I think Daddy is right about my room being haunted,” said Ugly Sally, getting out of bed.

“Not so fast,” said Mother, going over to Ugly Sally’s closet.

There, in the corner of her closet was a tape recorder.

“That is Uncle Joe’s,” said Ugly Sally, recognizing the tape recorder.

“I think he is playing a trick on you”, said Mother.

“Oh yes,” said Ugly Sally. “He definitely is.”


Moral of this Story:

  • There is usually a very good explanation for a “haunted room”.
  • Example: Ugly Sally’s Uncle Joe was playing a trick on her on Halloween.
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