Beatrice Bee Visits Sprinkles

“Something smells really good,” said Beatrice Bee as she was flying around Storyland. “I must find out what it is.”

Beatrice saw a young girl sitting on a front porch of a house. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful summer day.

“My name is Beatrice Bee,” said Beatrice, landing on the railing of the porch. “Something smells good.”

“My name is Sprinkles,” said the young girl. “It might be the sprinkles in my hair you smell.”

“You have sprinkles in your hair?” asked Beatrice. “Like, those candy sprinkles you put on cakes?”

“Yes,” said Sprinkles. “I don’t have normal hair. I have candy sprinkles for hair. Here, taste one.”

Sprinkles reached up and pulled a few sprinkles out of her hair. She held them in her hand.

“You won’t sting me?” asked Sprinkles. “Will you?

“No,” said Beatrice, landing very carefully on Sprinkles’ hand. “I would never sting a friend.”

“Good,” said Sprinkles. “How do my sprinkles taste?”

“They are the best tasting sprinkles I have ever tasted,” said Beatrice.

“Feel free to come back at any time,” said Sprinkles. “As you can see, I have tons of sprinkles.”

“I just may never leave,” said Beatrice.

“And that is okay too,” said Sprinkles, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Candy sprinkles taste good.
  • Example: Beatrice Bee liked the taste of the candy sprinkles that were in Sprinkles’ hair.
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