Slow-Poke’s Summer Swim

Slow-Poke wanted to go for a swim. After all, it was a very hot summer day in Calgary, Alberta. Slow-Poke put on his swim suit.

“Take your towel,” said Mother.

“Yes Mother,” said Slow-Poke.

Slow-Poke grabbed his towel and walked to the pond. He thought it was strange that there was nobody at the pond. All the farm animals loved to cool down on such a hot day. Slow-Poke walked very slowly and very carefully to the edge of the pond. That is when she realized why the other animals weren’t swimming.

“There is no water in the pond!” exclaimed Slow-Poke.” No wonder the other animals aren’t here.”

Slow-Poke still wanted to go for a swim. He was a duck and ducks love water. He slowly walked down the road. He remembered there was a swimming pool at the neighbours house.

“I don’t think they would mind if I went for a little swim,” said Slow-Poke. “I won’ t make a mess.”

Slow-Poke jumped into the water. It was so cool and so refreshing. Slow-Poke boat track of time. He was having so much fun. It was getting dark. Mother was starting to worry. She walked down to the pond. Slow-Poke wasn’t there but she also saw that the pond was dry.

Mother knew that the neighbours had a swimming pool. She walked to their house and saw Slow-Poke swimming in the pool.

“Mother,” said Slow-Poke. “What are you doing here?”

“It was getting late,” said Mother. “I came to find you. Did you ask the neighbours if you could swim in their pool?”

“No,” said Slow-Poke. “But I don’t think they would mind.”

“You should have asked first,” said Mother. “Now, come out of there.”

“Okay,” said Slow-Poke.

Just as Slow-Poke was climbing out of the pool, the backyard light came on.

“I am sorry for my son being in your pool without permission,” said Mother to the neighbour.

“No worries,” said the neighbour. “I am just glad someone is using it. My children have all gone off to college. Feel free to use it any time you want.”

“Thank you,” said Mother. “In that case, maybe I will go for a swim right now too.”

“Absolutely,” said the neighbour.

Mother and Slow-Poke both went for a swim. Mother felt so cool and refreshed.

“Thank you again,” said Mother. “Thank you so much!”


Moral of this Story:

  • You should never swim in someone’s pool without their permission.
  • Example: Slow-Poke swam in the neighbours pool without their permission.
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