Lovable Viking’s Summer in Tara

“The village of Tara is so beautiful in the summer,” said Lovable Viking, standing outside of the lodge.

“Yes,” said his wife, Vivian. “It certainly is.”

“I haven’t spent very many summers here,” said Lovable Viking. “I have always spent summers out on the sea.”

“Tara is a very beautiful village,” said Lovable Viking.

Just then, Lovable Viking’s crewmates, Benjamin and Franklin walked up the walkway.

“Lovable Viking,” said Benjamin. “Franklin and I are getting itchy to get back out onto the sea. When are we going on another raid?”

“We’re not,” said Lovable Viking.

Benjamin and Franklin both looked at Vivian.

“I see,” said Franklin. “So, instead of going out onto the sea, you just want to stay home with your wife.”

“You can’t blame Vivian for this,” said Lovable Viking. “Take a look around the village. Look at the beauty it holds. It has been years since we have spent a summer here. Look at the beauty we are missing out on.”

Benjamin and Franklin both took a good look at the village. They could see the beauty of the village. They did see what Lovable Viking was talking about.

“Tara is beautiful,” said Benjamin.

“Yes,” agreed Franklin. “It certainly is.”

Both Benjamin and Franklin turned around and walked down the walkway. They both realized that there was more to life than just raids. They didn’t want to miss out on the beauty of Tara in the summer, either. They had missed too many summers over the years.


Moral of this Story:

  • Make sure to take time to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.
  • Example: Lovable Viking wanted to spend the summer in his village, Tara because he wanted to appreciate it’s beauty.
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