Mama Acorn is Thankful for her Family

Mama Acorn had just finished feeding Baby Acorn his breakfast. She took the broom and went outside to sweep off the branch of the oak tree where she lived.

“It is such a beautiful autumn day,” said Mama Acorn. “And it is Thanksgiving weekend too!”

Mama Acorn already had the turkey stuffed and it was cooking in the oven.

“The house smells so good,” said Papa Acorn, joining her on the branch.

“It certainly does,” said Mama Acorn. “This is going to be a very special Thanksgiving.”

“Yes,” agreed Papa Acorn. “This is going to be Baby Acorn’s first Thanksgiving.”

“That is correct,” said Mama Acorn. “I am very thankful to have such a beautiful family. I love you and Baby Acorn with all my heart.”

“And we are very thankful to have you in our lives,” said Papa Acorn, giving Mama Acorn a big hug and kiss.

Mama Acorn and Papa Acorn stood on the branch looking out at the Rocky Mountains to the west and the beautiful prairie sunrise to the east. They both appreciated the beauty that surrounded them. They were very happy and very content in their lives together.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be thankful for your family.
  • Example: Mama Acorn was very happy and content. She was also very thankful for her family.
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